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Bob Pielow

Bob Pielow Project Director with Holmes US Seattle

Raised in a family of firefighters, Bob opted to become a fire and life safety code consultant instead of running into burning buildings. He took his first meeting in Seattle on a sailboat ride around Puget Sound. The views, casual culture, and mild winters convinced him to stay. Over 35+ years, Bob has built deep client relationships and expertise in the Emerald City. Bob has touched landmarks including the Seattle Central Library, T-Mobile Park, and the Seattle Center. He loves collaborating with incredibly creative, team-oriented architects.

When he’s away from his code book, you can find Bob tending to yardwork or with of his family (and three adorable grandkids!). Additionally, Bob is a founding member of Holmes’ DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Action Group. He’s passionate about the history of the fire protection industry, and he’s excited for a future with more diverse leaders developing the solutions we need.


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Bob Pielow with Holmes Seattle Team at Seattle Center

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