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Jared Ellis

Jared Ellis is an Associate Principal at Holmes.

Jared brings a growth mindset (and the banter!) to Holmes. As he expands his engineering breadth, Jared is one of the first dually-licensed structural-fire engineers in California. He upholds life safety through resilient solutions, moved by his post-earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti. Jared finds the most economical way to merge engineering with architecture. His approach allows building design to evolve organically with each project team. Throughout, he distills technical concepts into usable advice.

Known to rock a mustache and bold patterns, Jared wears his zest for life on his sleeve. Californian through-and-through, he resides in Berkeley by way of Burbank, San Diego, and San Francisco. There Jared shops at the best grocery store on the planet, taste-tests his husband’s cooking, and raises a daughter. He boosts endorphins through travel, jogging, and a decades-long martial arts practice. One lesson from dojo culture: each interaction is an opportunity to build character and have fun.

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Jared Ellis Associate Principal with Holmes on beach jog
Jared Ellis Associate Principal with Holmes and family in forest
Jared Ellis Associate Principal of Holmes with daughter at beach
Associate Principal Jared Ellis with Holmes Colleagues Eddie Vega and Sophia Abshire at Holiday Party

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