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Kevin LaMalva

Kevin La Malva Project Director of Structural Fire Engineering at Holmes

Kevin is leading the advancement of structural fire safety in the US alongside fellow collaborators. Dually registered in civil and fire protection engineering, he brings a holistic vision to our projects. Ever inquisitive, Kevin solves less obvious problems with far-reaching solutions. By introducing fire as a structural load, Kevin and team deliver more reliable, economical, and sustainable buildings for our communities. More broadly, Kevin influences building codes, authors design guides, spearheads industry works (via ACI, ASCE/SEI, CTBUH, ICCNFPANIST), and lectures at universities. He seeks to change the very paradigm of structural engineering for the better. Distinguished as an ENR Newsmaker and recipient of the Peter D. Lund Award, Kevin continues to energize and enhance the profession—growing a structural-fire coalition and sparking synergy between practice areas.

Based in the Northeast, Kevin is an avid Boston sports fan who appreciates the simple things (such as trying a new craft beer). Kevin and his wife most enjoy family trips to the beach and seeing their two little girls hug and play together.

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Kevin LaMalva Project Director with Holmes

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