Associate Principal & Sustainability Lead

Megan Stringer

Megan Stringer, Associate Principal and Sustainability Lead with Holmes

Motivated by our impact on the built environment, Megan is at the forefront of reducing structural embodied carbon. She champions our commitment to SE 2050 and gets sustainable structures built at impressive scales. Megan has overseen mass timber construction at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus, low-carbon concrete pours at Intuit, and many life cycle assessments. Across her work, she manages large project teams with ease and helps clients achieve design intent—developing strong relationships along the way. Megan has also served as President of SEAONC, chaired numerous committees, and led the profession’s national engagement and equity survey.

When she isn’t zipping between speaking events and job sites, Megan is charting her next big adventure. A lifelong globetrotter, she has visited 50+ countries and has tips for earning travel points. Her trips include sailing around the Arctic Circle, meeting her birth parents in South Korea, and climbing the Burj Khalifa on a layover. Traveling is a cherished opportunity to get outside of her comfort zone, reframe her values, and explore the local cuisine.

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Megan Stringer Holmes Associate Principal at Oktoberfest
Megan Stringer Holmes Associate Principal at the Taj Mahal

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