42XX — Marina Del Rey, CA

Mass Timber Merges Work and Leisure

200,000 SF
House & Robertson
Morley Builders
The Bradmore Group and Lincoln Property Company
Mass Timber Manufacturer
SmartLam North America

A new Marina del Rey development includes three mixed-use structures that integrate retail, commercial office, and parking space. Campus design invites tenants and clientele through extensive outdoor lounge areas, ample lighting within office spaces, and a curated retail experience. Exposed mass timber provides an overarching warmth to the campus and provides cohesion between the buildings. Holmes’ structural and fire engineers are engaged on the project, optimizing mass timber exposure throughout the architecture while meeting performance objectives. This project signifies one of the first mass timber projects reviewed and approved through the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS).

Holmes was commissioned to provide structural design for the project’s exposed, hybrid mass timber and steel structures—achieving the open, industrial look. Elevated walkways and bridges will tie the buildings together while the outdoor courtyards will tie in lush landscape elements, all to create seamless connections and transitional spaces throughout the complex.

From a fire and life safety standpoint, Holmes leveraged in-depth knowledge of mass timber performance in relation to the California Building Code. Holmes’ input throughout all project phases has resulted in a comprehensive fire and life safety strategy that allows for constructible design.

An exposed concrete stair leads to an outdoor terrace and elevated walkways allow for seamless access between buildings. Exterior third-floor decks encourage tenants and visitors to spend time outdoors and enjoy the breezy seaside climate. A freestanding pavilion adds a designated amenities space, as well as architectural intrigue.

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