NVIDIA — Santa Clara, CA

A Corporate Ecosystem with Edge

750,000 SF
Devcon Construction

Graphics chipmaker company NVIDIA has expanded its campus with a new state-of-the-art building to accommodate its growing workforce. The futuristic tech hub drew inspiration from the natural world, mimicking geographic landscapes and ecosystems to create a fun and functional workscape. Holmes developed the fire and life safety strategy and designed the smoke control system for this dynamic project.

The new Voyager building includes an angulating roof, two below-grade parking levels, and three stories of office space united by multiple atriums to promote a collaborative workspace. Dramatic solar panel aerial structures envelope landscaped walkways connecting the Voyager to the existing Endeavor building. In keeping with the biosphere theme, an elaborate set of interior stairs, dubbed the “mountain,” leads to central meeting points, called “valleys,” where the NVIDIA team can gather, eat lunch, or collaborate.

Holmes developed the fire and life safety strategy with a combination of prescriptive code measures and performance-based engineering to achieve the design intent. Holmes also designed the smoke control system and worked closely with the Santa Clara authorities to obtain the mandatory level of fire safety in the building.

Inside, walls adorned with native plants create a lush aesthetic and soften the interior acoustics. Outside, elevated outdoor workspace pods, or “bird nests,” provide employees tranquil areas to take in some sun while surrounded by four acres of walkable gardens.

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