UCLA Nimoy Theater — Los Angeles, CA

Second Act for UCLA Landmark

UCLA Nimoy Theater Marquee at Night Historic Preservation Retrofit Westwood Village Los Angeles CA
10,600 SF
BAR Architects & Interiors
Shawmut Design & Construction
Sustainable Benchmark

The UCLA Nimoy Theater (formerly the Crest Theater) sits just south of the campus in Westwood Village. Constructed in 1940, the two-story theater boasts a rich cinematic history and was previously owned by various movie houses. The structure is comprised of lightly reinforced masonry walls in the longitudinal direction and a combination of reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry walls in the transverse direction. The twenty-one-foot-tall ceiling is supported by barrel trusses, tied together with steel tension rods to form a horizontal diaphragm. The distinctive marquee, expanded in the 1980s, is constructed of plaster supported by a steel truss system. The City designated the theater as a Historic-Cultural Monument after its 1987 renovation.

UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance purchased the venue to showcase theater, music, dance, and artistic mediums. Holmes served as the structural consultant and designed the full seismic retrofit in compliance with the University of California Seismic Safety Policy. Additionally, Holmes provided structural engineering for the change of use into a modern and interactive performance space. Holmes worked closely with the architect and preservation consultant to preserve the valued historic features while supporting the building’s renovation and renewal.

Interior theater seating at UCLA Nimoy Theater with stage lights in Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Nimoy Theater Marquee at Dusk Evening Historic Preservation Retrofit Westwood Village Los Angeles CA

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